some thoughts i had in the shower

psychologists say that emotions are bound to objects. you are happy because you have won the lottery, or you are sad because you did not. you are mad at your son of a neighbour because he won the lottery and surprised because he couln't even count to six to fill a out lottery paper. but isn't emotions only bound to objects because we need them to be? we need a reason for everything. and think that justicifation is crucial for all our deeds. you cant be sad when nothing has happened to you. and you feel sad when you think you should be sad
but maybe emotions arise from nowhere. there are mysteries in the world and we are not to ask for a reason. sometimes i have a strange feeling, so strong, but so unreasonable, i count it know as l'absurde or maybe some kind of fainting in regard of the powers of the world. these are the moments to touch to feel the world in their purity, without all the creations of human, culture, materialism, to stop you from feeling without reason.

thats it, i drank to much tea, guess i'll be up till 4.

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